• Pope Francis is a clown

    Did the Pope ever get to read the controversial religious writings? I'm and ex-Catholic but I'm still appalled by his move!!

    ostrich head gone

    As most of you here know that I'm an Atheist (ex-Catholic too) because I remember as a kid when in I lived Lebanon even then I saw nothing but hatred from Muslims far more than Catholics -on me and my sister in school..... whereas it was a Catholic school there were Muslims kids harassing us all the time, calling us dirty names and that snakes with many heads will eat us up because we don't believe in Allah! And the teachers did nothing to stop it, so at 18-years old I decided not to be religious anymore, it's useless, it's all filled with hatred!!

    Another thought, maybe does the pope think that by doing this warmongering Muslims will because more tolerable to non-Muslims?

    If so far by now people don't know what's up in the Middle East and in Africa they most probably are among those that are living under a rock! Just look around how much worse the world has become after the Arab Spring and the calling of "democracy" which does not exist in these part world and never will because of their religion!


    Pope Francis prays in Istanbul's Blue Mosque

    Associated Press L'Osservatore Romano
    November 29, 2014 11:03 AM

    Pope Francis stood for two minutes of silent prayer facing east in one of Turkey's most important mosques, a powerful vision of Christian-Muslim understanding at a time when neighboring countries are experiencing violent Islamic assault on Christians and religious minorities.

    His head bowed, eyes closed and hands clasped in front of him, Francis prayed alongside the Grand Mufti of Istanbul, Rahmi Yaran, in the 17th-century Sultan Ahmet mosque, shifting gears to religious concerns on the second day of his three-day visit to Turkey. (AP)

    A BIGGER size of my drawing

  • Olympic Overture Ceremony

    The Russian Olympic ouverture ceremony show was amazing, but I liked the music at the British ceremony more, let me know if I'm right or maybe wrong please!!

    London Olympic-2012

    London 2012 Opening Ceremony - Pandemonium (Industrial Revolution Section)
    ashliiful Published on Apr 1, 2013
    BBC Commentary 15.19 minutes
    Amazing view

    JO 2012 ouverture olympic games 2012 opening ceremony pandemonium jeux olympiques olympique


    Published on Jul 29, 2012

    La magnifique cérémonie d'ouverture des Jeux Olympiques de Londres 2012 est une réussite un spectacle magnifique, de retour de londre ce WE, nous avons vecu ce moment incroyable de l'intérieur et les anglais peuvent etre fier de leur pays et ce malgré les tensions qui ont toujours existées entre nos deux pays, on ne peut pas leur retirer les eloges de cette ouverture, mêlant l'humour à l'émotion, le sport à la musique, ce fut une cérémonie réussie et nous ne regrettons pas d'y avoir participé !


  • Un drame qui choque

    Horrible!! Gamin Américaine tue sa soeur!! La production Américaine #1 "les armes" a feu! :( (and in ENGLISH too - just below this text)

    Un garçonnet âgé de cinq ans a tué accidentellement sa petite soeur de deux ans avec la carabine de 22 long rifle qu'il avait reçue en cadeau d'anniversaire, ont annoncé mercredi les autorités du Kentucky. L'arme utilisée est une version pour enfants de la carabine Crockett qu'il avait reçue de ses parents pour son anniversaire en novembre. La mère faisait le ménage dans la cuisine lorsque le drame a eu lieu. Elle ignorait que l'arme était chargée. Le drame survient en plein débat national sur le port et la détention d'armes aux Etats-Unis, qui sont garantis dans la Constitution.

    Cette fois, l’enfant n’a pas eu à grimper sur un tabouret pour se saisir de la carabine de ses parents.
    L’arme, de calibre 22 long rifle, était spécialement conçue pour les enfants par la marque Crickett. Le garçon avait l’habitude de tirer avec son “jouet”. Ses parents ne pensaient pas qu’il restait une cartouche dans l’arme et qu’elle était par conséquent chargée. Dans les zones rurales des Etats-Unis, il est fréquent que les enfants soient initiés très jeunes à la chasse et au tir sportif.

    Un petit garçon de 5 ans tue sa soeur avec son propre fusil

    Published on May 2, 2013


    In southern Kentucky, where some children get their first guns even before they start first grade, Stephanie Sparks was cleaning the kitchen as her 5-year-old son played with the small rifle he was given last year. Then, as she stepped onto the front porch, "she heard the gun go off," a coroner said.
    In a horrific accident Tuesday that shocked a rural area far removed from the national debate over gun control, her son, Kristian, had fatally shot his 2-year-old sister, Caroline, in the chest, authorities said.

    Kristian's rifle was kept in a corner of the mobile home, and the family didn't realize a bullet had been left in it, Cumberland County Coroner Gary White said.

  • May Day marchers

    Turkey is trying to get DEMOCRACY too!! Has any of the revolutionary Arab Spring outbreak given democracy as the citizens wanted it? All we got in Europe is millions of Asylum seekers since!

    It was all initiated by the first protests that occurred in Tunisia on 18 December 2010 in Sidi Bouzid, following Mohamed Bouazizi's self-immolation in protest of police corruption and ill treatment. With the success of the protests in Tunisia, a wave of unrest sparked by the Tunisian "Burning Man" struck Algeria, Jordan, Egypt, and Yemen, then spread to other countries. The largest, most organised demonstrations have often occurred on a "day of rage", usually Friday afternoon prayers. The protests have also triggered similar unrest outside the region.


    Riot police in the Turkish city of Istanbul have used water cannon and tear gas to prevent leftist May Day marchers reaching the main square. At least 28 people were injured, including an AFP news agency photographer, and 72 arrests were made.

    Jets of water drenched groups of demonstrators seeking shelter, while others could be seen fleeing through clouds of tear gas. The government cited renovation work as the reason for closing the square.

    1 May 2013 Last updated at 11:54 ET Share this
    Istanbul march clashes mar May Day in Turkey


  • Sad Autumn 'poem reply'

    Misha Lenn's water colour caption of a rainy day during Autumn in the park, so alike to where I live.

    Misha-Lenn Autumn

    My Poem reply: Sad Autumn

    In my little town, seasons changes are irrelevant,
    The sunshine could mostly be seen during summer,

    Blessed the happy forest with colourful prevalent
    Sad when it constantly rains, it's a major sun dimmer

    Here; Autumn colours are barely seen and benevolent...
    The lack of sun could actually make everyone dumber


  • Gore Vidal mort à 86 ans

    D'après Gore Vidal la civilisation Americains n'exist pas...

    Gore Vidal

    Moins connu à l'étranger que beaucoup d'autres de son calibre, Gore Vidal se signale par son goût de la provocation mais aussi une culture et une puissance de travail hors du commun. Vidal, qui a vécu en Italie comme Tennessee Williams, s'insurge contre le conservatisme moral et sexuel. L'identité sexuelle sera à nouveau le thème de son roman "Myra Breckinridge" (1968).

    Le romancier américain Gore Vidal est décédé dans sa maison de Hollywood Hills des complications d'une pneumonie. Il avait 86 ans. C'est le quotidien Los Angeles Times qui révèle cette information.

    En 2005, diminué, fatigué, il déclarait au Monde qu'après une longue vie passionnante, sa seule perspective réjouissante était sa fin. "Penser que cela pourrait continuer cinq cents ans, dans mon cas, serait terrible", disait celui qui, en 2009, résumait son existence ainsi : "such, such fun" - tellement, tellement d'amusement. Il célébrait ainsi à la fois une vie sociale extraordinairement riche, à côtoyer les plus grands et à se mesurer à eux, une vie amoureuse aux mille amants et maîtresses, clamait-il, ainsi qu'une carrière littéraire et intellectuelle nourrie de polémiques, dont il était amateur, mais aussi de succès, dont il n'était pas moins friand. L'écrivain, considéré comme l'un des géants américains à l'image de Norman Mailer et de Truman Capote, avec lesquels il entretint des relations complexes, est mort le 31 juillet, chez lui, à Los Angeles, des suites d'une pneumonie. Il avait 86 ans.

    Le romancier américain Gore Vidal meurt à 86 ans

    Le avec AFP | 01.08.2012 à 07h59 • Mis à jour le 01.08.2012 à 12h39

    Par Raphaëlle Leyris

  • Odd Election in Bulgaria

    The village of Novo Zhelezare grabbed national attention on Bulgaria’s 23 2011 presidential and municipal election day, thanks to a goat daubed with a ballot number, allegedly in support of a mayoral candidate. The goat, wandering through the village with the number daubed on it, constituted electioneering, forbidden on election day, so rival candidates alerted local election authorities.

    Élections en Bulgarie : Une chèvre arrêtée pour fraude électorale


    Pas de majorité absolue au premier tour

    Ce week-end en Bulgarie, s'est déroulé le premier tour des élections présidentielles et municipales.

    Aucun des candidats à la présidentielle n'a réussi à obtenir la majorité absolue.
    D'après les résultats partiels portant sur 57 % des votants:

    -Le candidat du parti au pouvoir, le GERB, Rosen Plevneliev est en tête avec 39,7 % des suffrages.

    -Le candidat de l'opposition, Ivaïlo Kalfin est en seconde place avec 29,7 % des suffrages.
    Alors que l'ancienne commissaire européenne Melgena Kuneva déçoit avec seulement 14,1 % des suffrages.?

    D'après la commission électorale, le taux de participation a été de 40 %
    La mairie de la capitale Sofia est quant à elle remportée par Jordanka Fandakova, elle aussi membre du GERB. Le second tour est prévu pour le 30 octobre.

    Par Y'a du monde aux Balkans
    - LePost | – il y a 8 heures

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  • Lily: a sweet song about friendship

    One of the most sweet and inspirational song, I love - called Lily composed and sung by Amanda Mabro from Montreal, Canada... the montage of the video was done by my friend Nelly (1Cyberangels) as a friendly gift to me and creative awareness to the world that you can create anything with just about a shadow on a wall. The rest is for you to guess and aspire...

    Lily: a sweet song about friendship

    For more songs by Amanda go there

    One of the most sweet and inspirational song, I love - called Lily composed and sung by Amanda Mabro from Montreal, Canada... the montage of the video was done by my friend Nelly (1Cyberangels) as a friendly gift to me and creative awareness to the world that you can create anything with just about a shadow on a wall. The rest is for you to guess and aspire...

    Here is another video Nelly has created to this very same song; Lily ...

    For more songs by Amanda go there

  • No burquini in France!

    Burquini are allowed in the USA but not in France!! In the picture Sama Wareh walks along the sand dressed in swimwear designed for Muslim women Newport Beach, California.

    In Europe though, I think people are sick to their stomach with religious fundamentalists after having seen what goes on in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Iran whereas they kill each other on daily basis!! People are sick from self-censoring opinion on what we (from the western world) think of fundamentalist that have shown no tolerances even withing their their own sectarian groups.

    (Photo: Chris Carlson) Feb.15, 2007

    A French Muslim was denied last August 1 2009 entry to a swimming pool for wearing an Islamic-style full-body swimsuit. Officials say the head-to-toe 'burquini' is unhygienic and harmful to other bathers, but the woman complains of religious discrimination. The incident adds to controversy over wearing explicitly religious symbols in public places in this secular country.

    Would you be for it, or against it?


  • Lebanon's 'civil weddings'

    For Valentine’s Day numerous inter-religious couples' phased mock weddings at a bar in Beirut's hip Gemmayze district to protest the country’s rigid marriage laws. So far civil weddings between inter-religious couples are only recognised if the marriage did not occur on Lebanese territory. For a country with a handful of religious sects, this makes a tacky situation for countless people into cross-sectarian couples.


    Ahead of Valentine's Day in Beirut some couples are staging symbolic weddings. It's part of a long-running campaign to allow civil ceremonies in a country where only religious marriages are legally recognized, a move that would help couples of different faiths.


    Lebanese couples stage symbolic 'civil weddings'

    Lebanon moves to tackle religious discrimination

    Lebanon dispenses citizens from revealing their religious affiliation on civil registry records.

    BEIRUT - Lebanon's Interior Minister Ziad Baroud issued a memorandum this week dispensing citizens from revealing their religious affiliation on civil registry records.

    The memo issued on Wednesday states that in future anyone can cross out their confessional identity from official records and replace it with a slash sign.

    Anti-sectarian law only skin-deep in Lebanon

    February 15th, 2009
    Posted by: Yara Bayoumy

    When Lebanese Interior Minister Ziad Baroud issued a memorandum giving Lebanese citizens the option to remove their sect from civil registry records, it seemed like a step towards removing deeply embedded sectarianism from Lebanon’s social fabric.

    The country has been convulsed by bouts of sectarian violence, most notably the 1975-90 civil war, in which 150,000 people were killed, and more recently last May when a power struggle spilled into armed conflict and supporters of Shi’ite Hezbollah briefly took over parts of Sunni western Beirut.

    Study the measure a little more closely and some questions emerge. What happens to those wanting to run for seats in parliament, which are distributed according to sect to satisfy Lebanon’s delicate power-sharing balance? What about citizens who have to go to court over personal status issues, which in Lebanon are presided over by courts run by religious sects? Ultimately, they have no choice but to reveal their religious affiliation.



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